I am an Irish artist based in Co. Clare. I love to create uplifting paintings full of energy, texture, light and vibrant colours.  My paintings are inspired by my love of life and my connection to nature, in particular flowers, trees and the ocean, especially the Wild Atlantic Way!
My favourite medium is oil paint as I enjoy the feel and texture it creates and above all I love the finished look of an oil painting.


My floral work is mostly unplanned and what emerges is often a surprise to me!! My seascapes are influenced by my Summers in West Clare with my family. I enjoy absorbing the ever changing moods of the ocean, the hedgerows ablaze with wild flowers and the magnificent sunsets in the West of Ireland. I spend the rest of the year more inland, still in Co. Clare but closer to Limerick, where I walk by the river Shannon, steeped in a rich array of flora and fauna, to feed my well of creativity.

I think I have always been a creative person but it wasn’t until I met a lovely Co. Clare artist, many years ago, who has encouraged me to find my own voice and style, that I felt  compelled to paint! I am excited about the prospect of spending time painting each day and it is so wonderful to be able to create something that can bring joy and happiness into people’s lives. I feel very blessed that the dream of doing something I love has come to fruition!

If you would like to ask me questions about my original artwork, prints or commissions feel free to send me an email.